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    The Lambda Cybersecurity Portal is a SAAS software that provides an integrated assessment of strategic business elements to be protected. In this way, you will be adequately supported in your quest for a sound risk management process. You will obtain the best understanding of your vulnerability posture and a simplified vision of what you need to protect, thanks to an approach designed specifically for owners and managers of organizations of all kinds. You'll be able to open a discussion based on objective data, not interpretation.

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    This is a short questionnaire including a simple validation of points of interest that validate the ways of doing things, the internal procedures and the technologies used. This step is essential to obtain a good understanding of the level of vulnerability and preliminary recommendations. It serves to guide the first interventions with coherence and efficiency.

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Company Description

Société Conseil Lambda is an information technology consulting firm spanning over 35 years of existence. Our interventions are comprehensive, innovative and focused on the business needs of organizations.

Our expertise includes business technologies, business processes transformation, project management and cybersecurity. The reputation of our organization has been upheld by the satisfaction of our customers, the quality of our recommendations, the in-depth knowledge of our fields of expertise and the professionalism of our experts.

Today, organizations and their leaders are faced with a reality that often goes beyond the mere understanding of business technologies. Holding sensitive and confidential information on their companies and their customers, organizations have the responsibility to avoid putting them at risk from undesirable and sometimes very costly events in terms of productivity, notoriety or credibility, and which can have significant financial impacts.

Evolving in this complex environment, Lambda has developed a unique approach and tools totally adapted to the needs of the markets and the current concerns of companies and their managers in terms of IT and CYBERSECURITY: The Lambda Cybersecurity Portal.

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Tel:  +1 418 683-1568